Kreutzerkompani 2000-2007

Kreutzerkompani was founded in 2000 (continuing the work of Demodans since 1997) by choreographer Eva-Cecilie Richardsen and videoartist HC Gilje, and developed in collaboration with freelance members of the company. The performances are based on a continuous exploration of movements through video/audio/dance, filtering improvisation and structured material in a live-setting. Gilje and Richardsen lived and worked in Berlin in this period.

’Rarely is choreography and video as well coordinated and simultaneously so correlatively challenging as Kreutzer Kompani’s new work Elevator.’ (Dagbladet 2003)

’...interesting, original and challenging’ (Morgenbladet 2001)

‘Eva-Cecilie Richardsen and Kreutzerkompani have a special ability to create the perception of origin and primitive forces...
Choreographer Eva-Cecilie Richardsen represent the vanguard of Norwegian dance’ (Dagsavisen 2000)

‘Choreographer Eva-Cecilie Richardsen has stepped out centre-stage and placed herself foremost among young Norwegian choreographers...she displays a unique capacity for revival and personal developemant. Richardsen is a choreographer we can expect much of in the future. (Morgenbladet, 2002)

Works by Kreutzerkompani 2000-2007:
2006 Irre
2005 Elevator #2
2005 Synk #4
2005 Krets
2004 Twinn
2004 Synk #3
2003 Elevator
2003 Kreutzermuzik cd release & performance
2003 Flimmer (without HC Gilje)
2003 Synk #2
2002 Prakt (without HC Gilje)
2002 Prakt(kompakt) (without HC Gilje)
2002 Synk
2001 Blend/verk
2000 Vakuum

The collaboration between Gilje and Richardsen also includes the Demodans` performances:
1999 Joystick
1999 Punch-drunk
1998 Bøffel

Extracts from some of the performances:





Eva-Cecilie Richardsen HC GiljeEva-Cecilie Richardsen HC Gilje   HC Gilje EC RichardsenHC Gilje EC Richardsen