JOYSTICK 1999 by Demodans

The performance kicks off from the idea of prosthetics, serving as a link between human beings, and the feeling of lack for what is thereby replaced. Joystick presents itself as nostalgia mediated through modern forms of expression. Joystick is the third collaboration between techno-ambient band SubGud, video artist HC Gilje and Demodans, first shown at Ridehuset - Akershus Festning in Oslo, fall 1999.

Extracts press:
"No doubt this project is interesting, original and challenging."

"Again Richardsen proves to have a strong hand both with choreography, dramaturgy and the use of the stage room."

"Joystick is not only a good performance. It is also thought-provoking concerning the times we live in, as well as concerning relations between people." Lise Nordal, Morgenbladet

"In Joystick Richardsen has a clean-cut form, pushing it to its outer consequence. The choreography is minimalist and strictly composed, with repetitive themes moving to different places in the room. The movements are sharp, cutting like a knife through the air, stopping, moving on in long attacks and sudden leaps on the floor."

Choreography Eva-Cecilie Richardsen
Music Subgud Ginge Anvik Harald Rosenløv Eeg / Sjur Miljeteig (trumpet)
Set-, video-, light-design HC Gilje
Costumes Torgeir Larsen
Dance Kristianne Mo Kristine Øren Camilla Myhre Ulf Nilseng Gry Bech-Hanssen (tour)
Sound Kyrre Fledsberg
Photos Ingunn H Knudsen
Producer Mesén
Performances Mousonturm Frankfurt, Kampnagel Hamburg, Ridehuset - Akershus Festning Oslo, Oktoberdans Bit Teatergarasjen Bergen, Folken concert venue Stavanger and touring east part of Norway

Observatoriet / for Joystick 1999  

Joystick 1999 Kristianne Mo  

Joystick 1999 Camilla Myhre  

Joystick 1999 Kristine Øren  

Joystick 1999   

Joystick 1999 U Nilseng C Myhre