DEMODANS 1997-1999

Eva-Cecilie Richardsen established the company Demodans in 1997 with an aim to produce full-length performances within a dance-concert context. Demodans´ agenda was to collaborate with different bands, dj´s and musicians, who made music exclusively for each performance, always playing live. Demodans performances where shown at different venues mainly off the established scene.

"No doubt this project is interesting, original and challenging. (..) again Richardsen proves to have a strong hand both with choreography, dramaturgy and the use of the stage room." Morgenbladet, Oslo, 22.10.1999

"The great strength of Demodans is the way they function as a whole, as a group, it is not at all as if they represent an accidental crew of Norway’s freelance dancers. The dancers perform integrity following the choreographer’s style and expression, and this creates the entirety of the performance." Morgenbladet, Oslo, 22.10.1999


The performance kicks off from the idea of prosthetics, serving as a link between human beings, and the feeling of lack for what is thereby replaced. Joystick presents itself as nostalgia mediated through modern forms of expression.

Choreography Eva-Cecilie Richardsen
Music Subgud Ginge Anvik Harald Rosenløv Eeg / Sjur Miljeteig (trumpet)
Set- video- light-design HC Gilje
Costume-design Torgeir Larsen
Dance Kristianne Mo Kristine Øren Camilla Myhre Ulf Nilseng Gry Bech-Hanssen (tour)
Sound Kyrre Fledsberg
Photos Ingunn H Knudsen
Producer Mesén
Performances Mousonturm Frankfurt, Kampnagel Hamburg, Ridehuset - Akershus Festning Oslo, Bit Teatergarasjen Bergen and touring east part of Norway


The title refers to the action of being knocked unconscious or stupified, and plays with the dynamics of being at the same time defensive and attacking. Punch drunk mirrors brain-activity like memory, dreams, sub-consciousness and flash-backs. An environment of sterile conformity enhance the underlying tension and aggressiveness of the piece.

Extracts press:
"Richardsen is convincing and shows great strength in her choreographical passages... The movements are fluid; and the variations are exellent and rapid, playful, though not comical." Inger Margrethe Lunde, Dagsavisen

"Progressive choreographer with a hint of surgical precission in a young, hyper-realistic language of movements." Marit Strømmen, Bergens Tidene

Choreography and costumes Eva-Cecilie Richardsen
Music DJ Barrabas, (Information etc)
Video: Torbjørn Ljunggren
Light-design HC Gilje
Space/scenogrphy Eva-Cecilie Richardsen HC Gilje
Dance Kristianne Mo Kristine Øren Ulf Nilseng Vivild Bergersen
Producer Månelyst Vibeke Christensen
Photos Thor Brødreskift Vibeke Christensen May Irene Aasen
Co-production Bit-Teatergarasjen Bergen
Performances Bit-Teatergarasjen Bergen, Det Åpne Teater Oslo

BLOTT 1998

The primary inspiration for Blott is bareness and rest, expressed through a landscape that is changing, but repetitive, physical and contemplative.

Choreography Eva-Cecilie Richardsen
Music Deathprod Helge Sten, Ole Henrik Moe / Erik Ljunggren
Set-design, installation Jan Skomakerstuen
Dance Kristine Øren Ulf Nilseng Marianne Albers Gry Bech-Hanssen Line Andersen / Gunnvor Karlsen (tour, Junge Hunde)
Light-design Kyrre Heldal Karlsen
Performances Det Åpne Teater Oslo, Bit Tetaergarasjen Bergen, Junge Hunde Festival 1999 in Lund Sweden, Asitej Barne- og Ungdomsfestival Kristiansand Agder Teater


Commisioned work for the opening of Momentum - Nordic Biennial for Nordic Contemporary Art 1998

Choreography Eva Cecilie Richardsen
Music Erik Ljunggren
Dance Hege Holte Østbye Pernille Bønkan Pia Elton Hammer Gry Bech-Hanssen
Performances Momentum in Moss mai 1998


Choreography Eva-Cecilie Richardsen
Music SubGud Ginge Anvik Harald Rosenløv Eeg / Per Kristian Hilden (drums)
Set-/video-/light-design HC Gilje
Dance Kristianne Mo Kristine Øren Hege Holte Østbye
Producer Ivar Mykland
Photos pre-production Alf Børjesson
Performances Det Åpne Teater Oslo Bit-Teatergarasjen Bergen
Event and press-conference in the underground bomb shelters at Youngstorget Oslo

SUPER G 1997

Choreography Eva-Cecilie Richardsen
Music SubGud Ginge Anvik Harald Rosenløv Eeg / Per Kristian Hilden (drums)
Dance Kristianne Mo Camilla Myhre Line Andersen Vivild Bergersen Inger Malene Glette Guri Kolsteh Hege Holte Østbye (tour)
Installation Jan Skomakerstuen
Space Crispin Gurholt
Performances Det Åpne Teater Oslo, Kongsberg Jazz Festival, International Student Festival Trondheim, Mars Rock-club Oslo

SUPER G 1997 Short film (3 mins)

Choreography Eva-Cecilie Richardsen
Dance Kristianne Mo Camilla Myhre Line Andersen Vivild Bergersen
Photographer director editor Ulrik Rolfsen
Music SubGud
Showed at Felix Cinema in Oslo, Norwegian Broadcasting (Nrk2) and at festvals internationally

Graphic design
Aina Griffin - Super g Bøffel Blott Joystick Prakt
Upp design - Twinn Synk Krets
Observatorie - Punch-drunk
Lise Amy Hansen - Blend/verk Elevator

Bøffel 1998 Hege Holte Østbye  

Bøffel 1998  

Bøffel 1998 K Mo, K Øren, H Østbye  

Punch-drunk 1999 Kristianne Mo  

Punch-drunk 1999 Kristianne Mo   

Punch-drunk 1999 K Mo U Nilseng  

Punch-drunk 1999 K Mo K Øren  

Punch-drunk 1999 U Nilseng K Mo  

Joystick 1999 U Nilseng C Myhre  

Joystick 1999 Kristine Øren  

Joystick 1999 Kristianne Mo  

Joystick 1999 Camilla Myhre  

Blott 1998 Bech-Hanssen, Nilseng  

Blott 1998  

Blott 1998 Gry Bech-Hanssen  

Blott 1998  

Super g 1997 C Myhre, V Bergersen  

Super g 1997 V Bergersen C Myhre  

Super g 1997 Vivlid Bergersen  

Super g 1997 V Bergersen C Myhre